Bounty Feature of Poker Tournaments

Bounty poker tournaments are now made available both for land based and online casinos globally. A lot of poker players nowadays are confused with the number of terms that they need to learn in poker to be able to master the art of playing this game. Generally, bounty is a highlight of some poker tours that give players the reward that they deserve thus it makes another player eradicated or out from the game. It is usually reserved for bigger for bigger names in poker online though there are some charity homes that also offer this type of tours. Some online events also offer this type of poker tour but it is so common in WSOP & WPT respectively. As an action to those that was given rewards for by the sponsors of the game thus eradicating players that were said to be among the best ones in poker, there are also players in the tournament who were able to get additional bounty for players that they were able to beat.

Bounty feature is a highlight that poker tournaments provide to their players as a reward for eradicating another player because of their skills. This type of reward is usually in cash prize and it’s not the currency of the tours. Bounties are usually rare but some casinos do offer such type of rewards on a seasonal basis and mostly, they offer this to professional players or tours wherein the participants are all professional poker gamers. Bounties are often applied on smaller tours or on games for a cause wherein the pot will be given to charities as recipients of the game. In this type of tournament, the reward that the player will get for eradicating a player, the buy in assembly of the game may ask every player to just pay additional fees for their chips and for the tokens that they will use within the game.

The bounty chips are then carried by the player while the game is ongoing. If the gamer is eradicated from the game, the bounty chip he holds will be given to the gamer that eliminated him from the game. The bounty chips are cashed in, the amount is actually the price of the bounty chip bought by every gamer. The winner of the game will cash in their chips but there are some online tours that mandates more complicated game schedules so the gamers chips usually increases every time a player eliminates another player.

There are some bounty tournaments that only assign a bounty to few players only. The assigned players are usually chosen in random manner and they are always pre-arranged with the bounty players. A lot of times, casinos invite celebrity poker players to play in bounty to make the game more exciting. This type of bounty arrangement varies depending if the bounty player is playing for a cause or for promotions only. The bounty in a poker tour will truly affect the play because if a gamer with low amount of chips declares that they are playing all in, the other gamers may be more tempted to call the bet. A lot of professional gamers in poker normally change their playing style just to adapt to the environment of a bounty tour.

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