European Poker Tour TV Show Winners

Pokerstars European Poker Tour is a poker tournament that is close to the prestigious World Poker Tour. This was established by John Duthie and he was the winner of inaugural Poker Million tournament. It started during 2004 as part of the worldwide popularity of Texas Hold 'em. This television show was sponsored by PokerStars and Sunset + Vine. This is why it was broadcast all over Europe.

From season 1 to 3, it was different from other competing poker tournament with its buy-in because it has the effect on its prize pool. EPT features buy-ins that is almost half of the prize of WPT. This has changed during season 4 wherein buy-in was increased and amount to €8,000. In 2007, this amount was equal to US$10,000 buy-ins in different World Poker tournaments. The table consists of 8 players while in WPT there are only 6 players around the table.

The show lasts for an hour and they are not just focused on the venue as well as players. The tournament show final 3 or 4 tables and the final table using TV tables. This is a great idea because it gives opportunity for viewers to see the play and not only the all-in fest. During the finale in Monte Carlo they showcased the TV table from first level and they do not give salute to different sponsors right after the game and once the winner was declared. This is a simple poker show without too much glamour and they are not trying to sell EPT as the number one poker tournament. The show has interesting players, huge prize pool, great venue and structure. This is why it became popular in its own right.

You will surely enjoy watching European Poker Tour since the beginning of the show until the end. You will not be able to get out of your seat to get a snack. From season 1 until season 9 and ongoing season 10, there are more interesting players and the very last one was Steve O’Dwyer who has won the prize of €1,224,000 and the prize pool in casino European Poker Tournament Finale was €5,310,200. The buy-in for this tournament was €10,600.

Winners in Different Cities

In Berlin, the winner was Daniel Pidun who has won €880,000 with a prize pool of €4,423,200. There are lots of winners from different parts of Europe and they are Ruben Visser in London, Remi Castaignon in Deauville, Ramzi Jelassi in Prague, Ludovic Lavay in Sanremo and Mikalai Pobal in Barcelona. All of these winners got a huge prize pot from EPT. The main goal of every poker tournament is to look for champion and this is what European Poker Tour is all about. If you have not watched this tournament before, then you better watch their next season and you will surely like the show as it will increase your interest in poker. Even if you are not an avid poker you will understand how the game is being played once you watch this show.

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