Learning to Learn

Think of your brain as a computer. Open too may applications and give it too many things to think about and it starts to slow down. Poker players, who like Unibet online casino, are an enthusiastic bunch and so they are often guilty of trying to take on too much at once. This methodology can often dilute the knowledge that they are trying to assimilate, which is only going to be detrimental to their overall game.

1# Focus on One Thing

Apply all of your focus onto one thing at a time. Analyse your game deeply and by being honest to yourself, identify the one area of your game that you believe will create more value once repaired. Then work hard on that area until you have shored up the leak. Maybe you want to improve your Pot Limit Omaha game? If this is true then don’t start learning Seven Card Stud at the same time.

2# Wavelength

Another problem that can be developed through learning comes from your mentors. If you have employed the services of a top rated coach, but aren’t ready to take on their knowledge then this can have a similar affect as overloading. Your brain just won’t be able to take all of the new information on board, if you are not capable of understanding it. Make sure your mentors are at the right level for the games you play.

3# Training Videos

Don’t turn into a robot and watch training video after training video. This style of force-feeding information down the gullet will also overload your brain. Make sure you are selecting particular videos, or coaches, for a particular reason. Make copious notes and do not stop learning from that video until you understand every little detail. Only then do you move on to another video and rinse and repeat.

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by Richard D. Harroch
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by Phil Hellmuth