Luca Pagano, Talented Poker Player from Italy and a Fan of "Depeche Mode"

Luca Pagano was born in July 28, 1978 in Preganziol, Italy. If you are looking for an aggressive player, Luca is not the one, although he is Italian. He is so disciplined that lots of poker players can envy him and desire to look like him.

On September 2008 he was called Pokerstars Player of the Year. It happened just one day before European Poker Tour 5 started in Barcelona.

Before, he managed the night clubs, discos and even a travel agency. He is just like any other guy of his age, who likes Playstation (which is not weird nowadays) and Wii and also he is a frequent user of the social networks like Facebook and Myspace.

His father taught him to play Backgammon, which became a corner stone of the professional career.

His total winnings as of today are a bit over than $1,150,000. He started playing professional poker only 3 years ago and look what result he achieved.

Luca Pagano managed to cash in more EPT than the vast majority of the professional players so far.

Geography of the tournaments he participates is very broad. Monte Carlo, Copenhagen, Paradise Island, Warsaw and Deauville.

All Stars Of Poker, Nova Gorica 1st € 200 0002010
Sisal Italian Champions of Poker, Sanremo 5th € 14 0002009
EPT Warsaw, Warsaw 4th $ 126 5792009
PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, Paradise Island 3rd € 10 0002009
British Poker Open 2005, London 5th 2005
2004 St Maarten Open, St. Maarten 2nd € 3 9902004
Barcelona Open 2004, Barcelona 3rd € 20 0002004

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