Poker Hall of Fame - Names of Players

Poker hall of fame is the list of veteran poker players in the US who made a name in poker tournaments. It was founded in Vegas and it was made by Binion in 1979. This man is the owner of Horseshoe Casino and he made the hall of famers to give credits to great players of poker and so that their records and legacies will not be forgotten by the newbies in poker. The hall of famers can also be a big encouragement to a lot of aspiring poker tour players and it may entice them to learn the moves and follow the steps of the poker players in the list.

Becoming a part of the hall of fame is not a big joke because there is a process involved. You will not just play and win but you need to play on top of the competition. You must place high stakes too, you need to play consistently and be able to become respected by the other players as well. Here’s the list of prominent poker players in the hall of fame in their respective year.

  • Linda Johnson was the first lady poker player and he made it to the hall of fame in November of 2011. She has been playing poker for 3 decades already and she also made the tournament director’s assoc. which is an organization that is used these days as rules in the standards of playing WSOP tournament. She is not just a poke player but she is also a good and respected journalist. She contributed to a card player magazine.
  • Barry Greenstein is a native of Chicago, Illinois. He is young and well educated. He finished his degree in computer science and he started working as mathematician. He turned out to be a computer and software developer and he retired in 1991 during his mid-30. After this he learned how to play poker, he was taught by his father. He practiced this as leisure only. He became a hall of famer in November of 2011.
  • Dan Harrington became a hall of famer in poker in November of 2010. He is a highly respected poker player though he is a lawyer by profession. His skills in poker, chess and others made him place higher stakes that made him won the WSOP bracelet too. He was continuously given acknowledgements for all the risks he was able to calculate in different areas of life.
  • Mike Sexton became a poker hall of famer in 2009. He is in the thirty eighth in the list. He was the ambassador of poker though he faces a lot of competition from other known players like Ivey, was turned out to be in the list of the entire 9 finalist who was able to get the honor in poker. All in all he got more than three point seven million dollars just from all the winnings he got in poker. He got a bracelet from playing 7 card stud and have earned his WSOP winning in 2006.
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