Rules For Poker

One of the first steps a gambler should move is to start learning the basic rules of the game he/she is going to play in a casino, no matter if it’s virtual or real, the most important thing is to start up from the full knowledge of how a certain game works.

For this reasons, most casinos online have created special poker bonus and pages dedicated to show you all the rules of the games. Let’s say that you want to play poker games and that you need to see the rules.

Before to start to see how a hand of poker works, lets’ introduce what poker is.

What’s Poker?

Poker is a card game, maybe the most popular in the world. It requires particular strategies and tactics to be played successfully. All the opponent players at a green poker table are there to try to win the prize in the middle of the table. The winner is that player who has matched the best combinations of cards.

This game is not properly a gambling game. Actually, the “Luck” element plays only a marginal part as the main role is taken by strategies, reckonings, intellectual skills and intuition, as the players should predict the opponents’ moves in order to play their own cards the best as they can.

Both online and offline there are 3 kinds of poker games: draw poker also called “closed”  or “covered”; the flop games also called “open poker” or “uncovered”; the stud poker. Among the most popular variants we count:  the Texas Hold’em, 7 or 5 cards Stud, Omaha High, Omaha High/Low, the HORSE (a mix of the previous variants), the Razz (a sort of 7 cards Stud Low).

Rules Of Poker

The following rules are to referred to the American variant called Texas Hold’em.

Players: the numbers of the players can vary from 2 (in the heads-up poker games) up to 10 (in the cash games tournaments with real money bets).

Cards: the classic 52 french cards without any Jolly. The cards are divided into 4 groups including each 13 cards (Ace, cards from 2 to 10 and Jack, Queen and King).

Game: the goal of all poker games is to match the best combination with the 5 cards or to make the opponents give up before the game is over (this can be made if they think you have better cards than they have). Each players gets 2 cards called pocket cards, that only the single player can see. Each player from right to left can decide: to bet some money (that will be added to the bets of the other players in the middle of the table) to force the other to cover that bet to be allowed to play ahead; to fold which means to give up the game; to call which means in paying the same amount of the first bet to play ahead; to rise and to check if nobody before the player has placed a bet.

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